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Quantum Cryptocurrency Exchange Pty Ltd is a registered and regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Australia (DCE:100781283-001).


Australia has one of the world’s most comprehensive regulations on cryptocurrency.


Our team has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise dedicated to meeting your needs. In the world of blockchain and technology, we are not separated by time or space. Our innovative approach will deliver the results you have been searching for.


Many of our clients especially our High Net Worth clients never looked elsewhere since they became our clients.

Our Vision


● Build a cryptocurrency exchange base on trust and integrity.


● Provide premier and personalised services that come with a high level of personal touch to our clients.


● Create a community of High Net Worth digital assets investors from all over the world.

Our Mission


● The security of our client’s digital assets is our top priority. Your digital assets are safe in our system.


● We want to build trust, reliable and long term relationships with our clients and investors from all over the world.


● Contribute our profit towards improving society.

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