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We specialise in providing premier Over The Counter (OTC) services to our clients and High Net Worth investors. The main difference when you use our OTC services is that you communicate with us directly and we will complete the transaction for you, you don’t need to execute the transaction by yourself. This way, you will be able to trade at ease and avoid costly mistakes. 


Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges in the world focus on increasing the number of clients on their platform. Some of the big cryptocurrency exchanges have accumulated millions of clients as users on their platforms. Most of the time clients will not get the chance to talk to a human, instead, they need to interact with a robot for any inquiry or troubleshooting.


Quantum Exchange’s main focus is not to accumulate mass clients but to provide top quality premier service to clients.


Cryptocurrency investors from anywhere in the world are welcome to register as a user with us. We will provide the following personalised services to facilitate your daily cryptocurrency trading and investments:


● Deposit and transfer fiat currencies from your local and overseas banks or non-banks or debit/credit cards into your account with us;

● Transfer fiat currency from your account with us to your local bank or overseas bank accounts;

● Deposit your cryptocurrencies in our secured platform;

● Buy and sell more than 350 cryptocurrencies with us;

● Convert your fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies;

● Convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies;

● Convert cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies;

● Buy, sell, convert or store various stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, USDC and others in our secured platform;

● Store cryptocurrencies in our secured, registered and regulated exchange;

● Other services to be announced later.

Click “Register” and be our client to enjoy our personalised & premier service.

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